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15 Anti-Aging Tips To Keep You Young & Healthy

Written By Empress Of Pearl Powder
Sarah Anderson Jan 27, 2023

15 Anti Aging Tips To Keep You Young And Healthy

Amazing tips and must-haves to help you look and feel young without spending lots of time and money. Aging is inevitable. We all like to age gracefully and retain at least some of our youthful appearance. We can't do anything about the natural aging process, however, there are things we can do to keep looking and feeling our very best; to look and feel as young as we can for as long as possible.

A more youthful, glowing complexion and healthy body is truly within your grasp. All it takes is the desire for healthier skin, proper skin care techniques, responsible life-style choices, and a few minutes each day. You CAN reach and enjoy your elderly years with glowing, radiant skin and a bright new outlook on life, by simply re-organizing your thoughts and typical way of living.

1. Beauty Sleep

The best anti-aging tip in the world is get a good night sleep. Everyone can afford it and everyone can sleep peacefully. Are you getting your beauty sleep? If you're not getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep at night, Click Here and follow the steps so you can get the rest you need for a younger more radiant you.

2. Sleep On Your Back

If you can't sleep on your back, sleep on your side with a pillow propped up under your ear. Sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow can cause "sleep lines" that, over the years, can turn into wrinkles. Men tend to get sleep creases on the side of the forehead (depending on which side they snooze on), and women tend to get them on their cheeks. It may be a hard habit to break, but if you can train yourself to sleep on your back or with your ear propped on a pillow, you will end up with fewer facial lines.

3. Proper Skin Care

As time passes, our skin changes. It becomes loose, thinner, drier and wrinkled, and slower to rejuvenate. The wrinkles occur mainly as a result of the rupture of the elastin fibers and the decreasing production of collagen fibers in the dermis but the diminishing of the fatty cells play a role in this as well as the decreasing bonds between the outer epithelial layer of the skin and the inner mesodermic layer. The main factors that produce the damage are sunlight, smoking, pollution, muscle use, inadequate diet, lack of sleep, stress, genetic background, and the lowering of hormonal levels at menopause.

Your skin is actually an organ - the largest organ in the body. One of the main functions of your skin is to keep out harmful bacteria, debris, and parasites. Dry, cracked skin is not able to adequately repel germs, leaving your body very susceptible to infections. Proper skin care is essential to a healthy body.

A good quality anti aging product can reduce skin drooping and wrinkling. Quality Skin Care Products can be your first line of defense against illness.

4. Use A Good Quality Moisturizer

The use of is essential for the well-being of your skin because it keeps it elastic, healthy and protected. All skin types need quality moisturizing products to ensure the correct moisture balance and to protect the skin. A great anti-aging moisturizer, when applied properly, will provide continuous hydration - essential for mature skin - and protection from further free radical damage. Choose the best anti-aging moisturizer you can afford. Make sure it has high levels of proven effective ingredients to reverse the aging process and reduce wrinkles. Try Sarah's Pearl Cream, a deep hydrating cream with the powerful Peptide Argirline, Silk Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and enriched with vitamin A, B, C, and E.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

If you want your skin to look healthy and radiant, exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation is one of the best renewal processes for your skin. It removes old dead skin, unclogs pores, makes skin more receptive to skin care products and improves the look and feel of your skin.

By removing the top layer of dead skin, your complexion will be smoother and less wrinkled. A pearl powder facial is the Ultimate Exfoliate, less grainy than microdermabrasion creams and drug store exfoliates, and removes dead skin naturally and flawlessly. Once your apply a Pearl Powder mask your skin will never be the same.

6. Use A Super-Hydrating Moisturizer Before Retiring

Research has confirmed that our skin's ability to absorb active ingredients from skin care products is greatest at night. This makes bed time the best time to nourish your skin with anti aging properties. For a deep anti aging night (or day) time moisturizing formula, one rich in Peptides and infuses skin rejuvenating Collagen III, Omega's 3, 6, and 9, re-hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid and sooths with Aloe Vera, Silk Peptide Pearl Cream is the key to success. The ingredient in this cream make it the most extraordinary moisturizer on the market today. Science has proven that Peptides are important ingredients for aging skin.

7. Nourish Your Skin From Within - Drink Milk

Milk does a body good. I drink at least a half gallon of 2% or skim milk a day, and milk is the key to silky skin. According to the National Academy of Sciences, children and adults should drink 24 oz. of milk each day. Teens should drink even more, at least 32 oz. of milk a day. Milk is good for the skin because of its hydrating properties, which promote moisture and prevents dryness. It helps reduce skin darkening brought about by the wear and tear of aging. Milk contains essential proteins, amino acids, and vitamin A that nourish skin.

Milk is rich in beta-hydroxyl acids that act as natural skin conditioners; these conditioners exfoliate old skin, soothe and soften, producing smooth, glowing skin. Another important nutrient in milk is lactic acid, which helps to gently clean and soften skin. Lactic acid is great for stimulating skin cell renewal. Modern laboratories now know why milk worked wonders for Cleopatra's skin: The lactic acid in milk is an alpha-hydroxyl acid, a natural substance that dissolves the glue holding dead skin cells together. Milk has been proven to cleanse the skin down to its deepest layers.

8. Hide those bags and dark circles

Under eye bags can be caused or hastened by lack of sleep, water retention, poor nutrition, and hard living.

For Bags: Use a cold compress for 10 - 15 minutes, one - two times daily. This will help for a short period of time. Keeping the swelling down will slow down the development of larger bags; it will lessen the stress and stretching your skin endures each day.

Drink plenty of water, get adequate rest and exercise, avoid alcohol, and eat a balanced diet. Deal with your stress face to face. Before you retire, use a serum under your eyes, not a cream. Cinderella Skin-Tight Serum is a serum I can't live without, it not only diminishes wrinkles, it also helps shrink under eye bags. You will see an immediate difference.

For Circles: Concealer is the most effective tool for hiding dark under-eye circles. First, apply a shimmer-containing cream to reflect light. Then, apply a light layer of light-based concealer one shade lighter than your skin directly to the blue rings. Blend from the inside corner of your eye to the outside until the concealer is completely blended with your skin.

9. Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

Anti-aging and food are closely related. Metabolism varies from person to person, so it is very important to be aware of how your eating habits affect your body. Most nutritionists agree that the best way to fight the negative effects of aging is with a proper antiaging nutrition plan and a proper diet. But they also agree that changing the eating habits of a person is one of the most difficult things to do, specially having a fast food restaurant every three or four blocks. Nutritionists recommend starting changing your habits little by little.

Being aware of the daily nutritional values your body requires would be a good start. If possible, also start taking essential vitamins and minerals, use supplements, like pearl powder for missing proteins and nutrients, and eat a wide variety of foods to gain more nutritional values within. A well-balanced diet is the most important step you can take to fight aging.

10. Eat Plenty Of Fruits and Vegetables

To fend off the hands of time, you should try to consume at least eight servings of fruits and vegetables each day (two at every meal and two as snacks). Fruits and vegetables are gold mines of longevity-enhancing compounds called antioxidants; these include vitamins C and E and beta carotene. Antioxidants combat free radicals, oxygen fragments that attack and damage cell membranes, life-sustaining proteins and even our cells' genetic code, and in so doing bring about aging and disease.

Diets rich in antioxidants prevent disease and premature aging. Antioxidants also stimulate the immune system and protect the nervous system and brain from the oxidative damage associated with age-related memory loss. A 1993 Harvard School of Public Health study found that adults who supplemented daily with at least 100 IU of vitamin E for at least two years had up to a 40 percent reduction in heart-disease risk.

11. Make Calcium Part of Your Daily Life

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has done exhaustive study of the functions of calcium within the skin. They observed that people with low skin calcium content experience greater premature aging of the skin and greater incidence of skin cancer. People with high skin calcium content experience less premature skin aging and less incidence of skin cancer. Topical calcium products provide anti-aging benefits and enhance skin cancer protection. Calcium is an extremely powerful tool for skin rejuvenation. Pearl Powder is the richest source of calcium on the planet, absorbs twice as efficiently, and increases calcium bioavailability.

12. Stay Active

Activity improves mood and cognition. Regular activity (three times each week for about half an hour), keeps us lean and fit. Choose an activity that suits you. If you have arthritis in your hips or knees, choose a non-weight bearing activity like cycling, rowing or swimming. Start low and go slow. Build fitness gradually. There are two types of exercises: aerobic low strain repetitive activity like walking or cycling. This builds fitness. Then there is exercise to build strength. Both are beneficial because they increase fitness and strength.

13. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

Talbott says, "Stress can increase oil production in the skin (via cortisol overexposure) - leading to clogged pores and an environment suitable for bacteria overgrowth. In addition, cortisol overexposure can increase inflammation, leading to greater redness of acne eruptions".

Life offers wonderful opportunities at every turn. Keep laughing and keep wondering. Stand back and do not let the daily hassles grind you down. It's too easy to become angry and cynical. There are millions of reasons not to do things. We have to get up each day and try again. Keep searching. Stop and smell the roses. Accept. Be grateful for what you already have. Enjoy Life.

14. Pamper Yourself

Take time out for yourself. Life can be stressful causing unwanted frown lines and wrinkles. Do something special for yourself. Take a bubble bath in candlelight...have a spa day, get a manicure or a new hair style. Do something different for a change, something you've always wanted to do...go on a trip...take a balloon ride...go out for dinner. Get away from it all and when you return you will feel refreshed, ready to start anew. Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers and have them delivered to your work, signed, "Your Best Friend". Learn to love yourself where ever you are at this time in your life, and love others. That is the key to illuminating an inner glow that will shine though and lift up every part of your body and soul, Yes, even your saggy skin.

15. Pray Often

Prayer has proven to be the best anti-aging agent in the world today. So pray often and ask for peace because a peaceful life will keep the wrinkles away and your body healthy.

If you follow these simple tips, you will stay healthy and young throughout your aging years.

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