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Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Heath & Beauty Benefits Of Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder dates back to at least 320 AD. In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pearl powder was used for thousands of years both as a medicine and cosmetic, as well as a health food supplement. Pearl powder was used in the treatment of several skin and bone disorders, eye diseases, insomnia, epilepsy, palpitations, tuberculosis and to prevent heart attacks.

Pearl Powder has spread across the globe and is a popular ingredient in skin care products today that can benefit your skin, hair, nails and more! It stimulates new skin growth and heals damage skin; it has anti aging activity.

Pearl Powder are real pearls, pulverized to powder form for easy absorption and digestion. Pearl helps keep your body strong because of its therapeutical fibroblast regeneration of tissues.

Pearl has both internal and external benefits for both the body and skin, and can be taken orally or used topically. Pearl powder is edible and can be mixed in drinks, including juice, smoothies, water, Iced coffee, or tea, and also, yogurt, pudding, and other cold dishes.

Pearl powder has numerous benefits, from stimulating collagen in the body and strengthening teeth, to adding luminosity to the skin and repairing skin cells. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, pearl powder has a miraculous effect on the skin and body, the health and beauty benefits are staggering.

Benefits of Pearl Powder:

• Stronger, more resilient bones
• Rapid muscle builder and recovery
• Increased SOD activity
• Increased Joint Lubrication
• Repaired skin cells
• Improved Skin Elasticity
• Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
• More flexible joints and tendons
• Improved blood vessel health
• Increased circulation
• Stronger immunity
• Better digestion
• Stronger teeth
• Increased longevity
• Anti Wrinkling & Anti Aging
• Reduces skin ulcers, melasma and age spots
• Lightens dark spots and sunspots
• Heals rashes and boils
• Nourishes and smoothies skin
• Protects From UV Rays
• Skin lightening and brightening
• Accelerates new skin growth
• Evens skin tone and texture
• Illuminates the skin
• Stimulates collagen
• Neutralizes skin-damaged free radicals
• Strengthens hair follicles
• Treats Hair Fall and Balding
• Improves memory and brain function
• Regulates the immune system
• Calms and strengthens the heart
• Relieves stress and anxiety
• Promotes good sleep
• Alleviates fear, frustration and anger
• Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
• Strengthens bones, stimulates new bone growth
• Increases bone density
• Accelerates duodenum ulcers, and stop bleeding
• Resists diabetes, cancer and harmful effects of radiation
• Improves vision
• Expels sputum and stops diarrhea
• Detoxifies the body
• Brings down fever naturally
• Maintains normal blood pressure
• Whitens teeth and prevents gum disease
• Removes plaque and stains from teeth
• Treats sallow skin, dry patches and red blotches
• Treats acne, rosacia, and eczema

Pearl Has Other Amazing applications.

Visual artistes in the China Tang Dynasty when applying stage makeup used Pearl Powder to beautify and protect their skin. Empress Dowage, who was a powerful and charismatic woman, unofficially but effectively controlled the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China for 47 years took Pearl Powder Internally as well as using it externally. And Wu Ze Tian also used Pearl Powder internally and externally and her skin was said to be as beautiful and radiant as younger women.

In China, pearl powder is used to heal wounds because of its antiseptic properties. In the United States, surgeons frequently sprinkle a lower-grade pearl powder, called surgical pearl, into their latex gloves before operating. The soothing, antiseptic pearl powder absorbs excess moisture and may help prevent the spread of infection.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses the medicinal qualities of ingested powdered pearl to treat inflammatory illnesses including epilepsy, convulsions, hyperactivity, hypertension, insomnia and palpitations. Pearl powder sprinkled into shoes helps absorb odor and excess moisture. Pearl has been used to treat ulcerous sores by sprinkling the sores with the powder. Pearl will keep you young looking and healthy throughout your aging years.

Add it to milk, juice, smoothies, water, pudding, cottage cheese, yogurt etc, or give yourself a facial, spa bath, wash your hair and brush your teeth with it, the ways and means are endless.

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