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Introducing Pearl Powder:
The Most Unique Health and
Beauty Superfood On Earth

Pearl Powder steals the show with its skin rejuvenating and health impacting properties.

Pearls were considered by the ancients among the most precious of gems, because of their great value, more precious than silver or gold. In the bible, the parable of a merchant looking for fine pearls, is similar to finding the Kingdom of Heaven. Pearls are listed among the treasures of the earth, valuable and sought after.

In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing. The Renaissance saw the royal courts of Europe awash in pearls. Because pearls were so highly regarded, a number of European countries actually passed laws forbidding anyone but the nobility to wear them. Today, with the advent of pearl cultivation, pearls are available and affordable to all.

There are secret Healing Properties in Pearls - Pearls are known to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness. They will stabilize your moods and relieve feelings of tension, anxiety, nervousness, and uneasiness. They can especially enhance personal integrity. The Chinese have depended on the healing properties of the pearl for centuries.

Pearl powder was created by grinding real pearls into a fine powder that can be used topically or orally. Pearl powder can range anywhere from an elixir of youth to a cure all for many of life’s ailments. The use of pearl powder will reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It accelerates the skins rejuvenation process, which creates more visibly radiant skin and heals acne and all kinds of skin conditions.

Pearl Powder is the Superfood From the Sea; Rich in Health Boosting Nutrients; it is one of the most precious dietary supplements from the Orient, providing a range of novel constituents that supports radiant health. Pearl powder has shown promising results in increasing lifespan and stimulating the production of various antioxidants and biochemicals that have a connection to increased longevity and overall health and wellness.

Chinese women used pearl powder to slow signs of aging and fight the appearance of wrinkles. Pearl powder was also applied topically and taken internally in ancient times throughout India, Egypt, and the indigenous cultures of South and Central America. Cleopatra bathed in pearl powder, and Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in China's history, used it for her skin.

Now you can have that same ageless, radiant beauty and health with our High Quality, Authentic Pearl Powder™. There is reliable scientific studies for the use of pearl powder in beauty treatment, resistance to aging, and clinical medical treatment. Results showed "improved skin viability, promoted wound healing, and increased skin hydration, and dermis thickness." Which equals tighter and more moisturized skin. They have discovered the key to the regeneration of cells in and out of the human body, and to longevity, or living a longer life.

It is now being touted as the next big thing in anti-aging research for defying the aging process. We may be seeing the first wave of what could ultimately redefine the human experience.

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