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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Looking For Beauty Products To Sell In
Your Store, Or To Start A New Business?

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid pace. Create additional source of income and achieve the financial freedom you've always dreamed of. Some of the most successful companies are in the beauty industry so If you have a special passion for this type of business, this could very well be your niche.


Pearl-Powder.net provides a unique skin, hair and health care ingredient that support hundreds of small businesses. Our pearl powder is natural, organic and sustainable, ethical, and clean beauty focused, all within a supportive and passionate company culture. We are dedicated to providing excellent natural Pearl Powder our customers can trust. We work hard every day to deliver products our customers love and can depend on, and we hope you'll love them too!

Empress Of Pearl offers a Superpower Pearl Powder that help other businesses grow with science-backed results.

Here is a guide to selling your own pearl powder.

Create Your Own Formulas

Pearl Powder is water and oil soluble; it disolves quickly in creams, serum, and shampoos. Simply add 1 Tbsp Powder into 16 oz of your favorite cream. (The higher quality the cream, the better performance.)

You can also add other natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, C, E, peptides, essential oils, etc., whatever you prefer. Experiment until you get your perfect formula. Then give your product a name.


A marketing plan gives you a direction on how to move forward in a calculated way at the time of selling your products to the people. Your well thought of strategy regarding pricing, costs and an effective way to sell your cosmetics items will guide you during your efforts to enhance your reach in the niche market.


Customers identify a business by seeing their logo in advertisements, markets and on the products or services. In fact, they rather make an opinion about a company and business by glancing at its logo. The same is true for your cosmetic business as well.

Create a logo that your customers will recognize and use it across all your marketing materials - from your storefront to your website, your marketing emails to your receipts.

Design a marketing campaign that drive sales and make all your work worthwhile. You may opt for a professional brand identity design, drawing on the skills of a graphic designer and copywriter to perfect your images. Or if you're starting smaller, it's perfectly possible to launch a simple brand identity on your own using online web and graphic building tools.


Starting a new business is time-consuming, energy-draining, and overwhelming at times. Remember to prioritize your health and wellbeing as well as your business planning. With carefully considered steps, patience and creativity, you can take a piece of the beauty industry for yourself.

Keep your customers at the foremost part of your mind. But don't forget to take care of yourself, too.


Beauty Trade Expos

Plan a beauty trade show. Beauty trade shows are a valuable opportunity to network with other professionals. Not only to provide opportunities to learn from leading experts in the field, but to network with your peers. Beauty professionals are always looking for opportunities to showcase their products and your expo could be the perfect venue.

Beauty Bloggers

Build a beauty blog blooming with fresh cosmetic reviews, tips, tutorials, swatches and pictures from other beauty addicts.

Blogging a great inexpensive way to venture into the beauty business. Using free or low-cost tools such as WordPress and Youtube you can build a following and recommend products and receive sales commissions on purchases.

Social Media

Channel marketing campaigns that utilize the power of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as YouTube videos.

You can upload a video using YouTube Creator Studio on a computer or use the YouTube mobile app to upload directly from your video gallery.

Sell Pearl Powder Or Pearl Products

You can create a profitable business by purchasing our High Quality Superpower Pearl Powder for a low price, and then re-selling it as is. Or, add it to shampoo's, facial cleansers, cream's, or lotions. Make your own soap, bath bombs, bath scrubs, toothpaste, face masks, shampoo, body butter, massage oils - the ways and means are endless.

If you own a spa, massage, or health care business, this will help grow your business. If you have a Juice or smoothie bar, our pearl powder will naturally fit into that niche. It's a delicious way to bring in extra income.

Sell it to your friends and family, or purchase a table at a Local Vending fair. Vendor fairs are all over the place - craft shows, art shows, fairs and festivals; you can make a full-time income selling your product at these events.


You may have the most beautiful website on the web, but if you don't advertise, it will be to no avail. Advertising is KEY!!

How To Write Dynamic Ads:

For an advertisement to be effective, it should be able to catch the readers attention, keep them curious for more, and lead them to buy the advertised product. You can learn how to write effective ads by clicking on the links below.

1. 5 Tips for Writing an Advertisement

2. How To Write Ads

3. 4 Simple but Powerful Tactics for Writing Compelling Ad

4. 21 Tips for Writing Great Ad Headlines

4. Writing An Advertisement

5. Top Tools To Help Your Small Business Grow


The most effective option for starting your own business is to sell your products online. Most of our valued customers today search and shop on the web. You must create an e-commerce storefront to advertise and sell your special cosmetic products and services over the internet.

eCommerce Platforms

Everyone needs a website to lauch their new business. Here are a few Suggestions.

With your own website, you'll have a lot of freedom with how you can turn a profit.

1. Shopify - If you can dream it, you can sell it with Shopify.

2. HostGator - provides an array of tools to take your business online today. You'll find everything you need to launch your new website.

3. Blue Host - offers a free domain for the 1st year. Complete hosting solutions starting at $2.95/month.

4. 41 Examples of Inspiring Beauty Websites

Essentials For Launching Your Business

Before you launch your home business, open a business bank account, Pay Pal , and Amazon Merchant Accounts. Having a business bank account effectively separates your personal and business expenses so you can avoid cash flow issues. Plus, you'll need a bank account to receive your money.

Anyone who has an internet business needs a Pay Pal account. They are heavily secured and back you up if something goes wrong. Pay Pal is a necessity. Many people will not purchase a product if they don't have a Pay Pal checkout - I for one.

Today, Amazon is a big deal. Many people have an Amazon account which make it easy for them to make purchases. Having an Amazon merchant account allows your customers more purchase options.


If you need jars, bottles or packaging supplies, I can help you there too. Just put a note in your order form, or email me after you have ordered, and when your product is shipped, the information will be placed in your packaging.

We offer this information free only via bulk purchases.


Once you have developed a great business plan, it's time to buy your product. But, not any ole product will do. Pearl powder is the biggest rage in the world right now, and it will make your business the greatest success and biggest profit.

Take advantage of our wholesale pricing, the more you purchase, the deeper your discount. Ordering on-line is a snap, select quantity, add to cart and go. No login or electronic billing.

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