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Dark Spot And Pigmentation's Remedy
Dark Spot And Pigmentation's Remedy

Organic Cruelty Free Gluten Free Fragrance, Paraben Free

Vitamin C Pearl Serum
The solution to dark spots and hyper-pigmentation that works from within.

Aging can bring unwelcome suprises, like brown spots that gradually appear on your face.The natural aging process and a lifetime of sun exposure often results in age spots.

Dark spots on the skin can happen at any time but most commonly appear in middle age. Age spots tend to accumulate and grow if not treated. They can creep up anywhere, but tend to collect on areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun repeatedly.

Dark spots on the skin are usually the result of hyper-pigmentation. They are harmless, but some people wish to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

Brown spots may be a predictable element of the natural aging process, but most people find them difficult to deal with ‚€“ particularly dark spots that can‚€™t be covered by cosmetics. However, there are many effective options for brown spot removal.

Laser treatments are by far the most effective means of removing brown spots, but they aren‚€™t necessarily your only option. You may opt for a prescription-strength cream that has many side effects like severe skin redness, burning, or stinging, blistring and oozing, but is that what you want for your skin?

Or you can choose a Highly effective, potent skin lightening serum that is prescription-strength, but with all natural, organic ingredients that won't hurt your skin. That's where Vitamin C Pearl Serum comes in.

If you want to get rid of dark spots and pigmentations, incorporate Vitamin C Pearl Serum into your daily routine. This is just what the dermatologist ordered. In other words, it is just what you need and want.

Vitamin C Pearl Serum is a unique, skin care product that helps even skin tone, treat discoloration, and reduce the appearance of dark patches and spots. This potent cream combines two active ingredients Vitamin C and Pearl Powder - to gently lighten darkened skin and even out skin tone. It also helps protect against further damage from free radicals, sun exposure, and other environmental factors.

Unlike some potentially harmful whitening products on the market today, this serum contains absolutely no hydroquinone. In fact, it is even suitable for sensitive skin types due to its gentle action. With regular use of Vitamin C Pearl Cream, age spots and other subborn pigmentations will fade at the same time hydrating and nourishing your skin.

Vitamin C and Pearl Powder are loaded with antioxidants, making these two ingredients the most trusted substances for removing and preventing hyper-pigmentation. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is used as a treatment modality in de-pigmentation of hyper-pigmented spots on the skin and gingiva.

This product contains an advanced blend of antioxidants such as Vitamin C & Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin A (tretinoin), Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) and a Superpower Pearl Powder - a high-tech ingredient. Pearl powder contains powerful antioxidants, along with glycolic acid, Heparan Sulfate Analog, an essential glycosaminogly (GAGs), and l-cysteine (l-Cys) a non-essential amino acid - all skin lightening components.

L-ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), one of the serum's key ingredients, has been clinically proven to treat brown spots, age spots, and other forms of discoloration. L-ascorbic acid also reduces hyper-pigmentation by decreasing the melanin production in the skin, which can result in a lighter and more even skin tone.

Both Vitamin C and Pearl Powder work to even out skin tone by reducing dark patches or spots caused by hyper-pigmentation or age-related discolorations. They even provide protection from future skin damage cause by UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

This multi-action serum has been clinically formulated to reduce facial blotches, age spots, scarring, and other discolorations safely without negative effects.

Not only does it even out your complexion, but it is safe to use over time as part of an ongoing skincare routine.


• Works from within to target inflammation that can lead to hyper-pigmentation
• Decrease visibility of dark spots
• Protects skin from long term effects of free radical damage from sun exposure
• Is safe for consistent, long term use
• Proves gentle enough for all skin types and tones
• Beneficial for numerous skin concerns like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne

When will I see results?

Slow and steady wins the race: you may see initial improvements in 8 weeks with a noticeable improvement in 16 weeks with consistent use.
Adopting a daily skin routine where you use Vitamin C Pearl Powder Serum will produce great results.

How often should I use it?

You'll get the best results with daily use, either A.M. or P.M.

Does it have a scent?

No. Fragrance usually defeats the purpose of a skincare product as it creates a counterintuitive risk of irritation. Fragrances are the biggest cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, in targeting inflammation, our pigmentation serum is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types.


Step 1

Apply to clean dry skin. If cleansing before use, wait at least 20 minuets until skin is completely dry. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hand and gently massage/pat into your skin.

Step 2

This organic skin serum can be applied to your entire face or just to the areas that have dark spots.

Step 3

No need to wash off once applied like other other harmful products. This is also an excellent skin rejuvenating moisturizer.

Step 4

Even though this serum protects UVA/UVB rays from the sun, you will also need a SPF 50 sunscreen. No sunscreen is 100 percent effective, not even SPF 50. Sunscreen should never be your only protection against the sun.


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