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How to Add Pearl Powder to Existing Creams

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Sarah Anderson Jan 29, 2023

How to Add Pearl Powder to Existing Creams And Serums

Want to add pearl powder to an existing cream or serum? It's a wonderful way to make a top-notch anti aging beauty product and reach a new luxury market, or make yourself an up-scale cosmetic formula. Pearl Powder has become all the rage, and Empress of Pearl currently offers 2 types of pearl powder that can be added to your formulation - Seawater and Freshwater.

You can simply add pearl powder to your desired end formulation, mix and enjoy. It's an easy DIY way to add pearl powder to your products.

First, a little background refresher

What Is Pearl Powder?

Pearl Powder is exactly what it sounds like. Real pearls pulverized to power form. Pearl Powder has powerful health, beauty, and anti aging benefits that are advantageous to your skin, body, hair, nails and bones.

Pearl powder contains a protein called conchiolin, a remarkable protein composed of 17 skin-loving amino acids that hydrate the skin and rebuilds collagen. Pearl has a host of medicinal properties that accelerate the healing of many skin and health conditions.

The extensive mineral content in pearl powder promotes bouncier skin, reduces the enlarged pores, brightens the skin tone and improves texture.

Pearl Powder causes the regeneration of fibroblasts and osteoblasts, that contribute to the formation of connective tissue and bone tissue. Fibroblast is a type of cell that surrounds, supports, and gives structure to cells and tissues in the skin and body and is responsible for making collagen.

Fibroblasts stimulates the formulation of new skin cells, which keep skin youthful by increasing suppleness, tightness, and reduces sagging, wrinkles and sun damage.

Pearl Powder is also the best option to achieve that youthful glow we are all in pursuit of!

Pearl is an incredible ingredient, that has a long historical reign as a beauty cosmetic among royalties. This powerful powder can create such changes in your skin that you may just start looking like royalty yourself.

Recipe Guidelines

One great thing about pearl powder is that its amazingly easy to work with and to add to a pre-existing formula, in addition to being the most wonderful ingredient in the world!

As always, we recommend adding additional ingredients in small amounts, measuring and keeping track as you go, and then scaling up from there.

Before you start, when using a pre-existing cream, quality is critical. Make sure when you add this precious, priceless pearl powder to any lotion, cream, or serum, make sure your base product is also good quality and effective.

Here are some good serums and creams to use as your base:

Antioxidant Cream
Peptide Cream
Vitamin C Serum
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Serum
CoQ10 Cream to Gel
Rooibos Eye Cream

Equipment Needed:

Measuring utensils
Metal or glass bowl
Smaller bowl for measuring
Spoon, whisk or stirring implement
Sanitizing spray for the area

Let's say you're making a 16 oz jar of cream. Put the cream in a metal or glass bowl, simply add 1-1 1/2 Tbsp of pearl powder and stir gently until the powder is enveloped in the cream then whisk. Make sure you use a sanitized implement.

You may add other choice ingredients such as:

1 Tbsp Hyaluronic acid
1 Tbsp Argirline
1/4 teaspoon Vitamin A or E.

Essential Oils:

If you use essential oils, the rule of thumb is - 10-15 drops of essential oil for every 2 ounces.

You can mix almost any essential oil into your favorite [unscented] cream or moisturizer. Lavender is a well rounded option. Jojoba Oil ·Grapeseed oil · Almond Oil ·Carrot Seed Oil · Jasmine Oil · Sweet Orange · Lemon Oil · Frankincense · Geranium Oil ·Coconut Oil · Rosehip Seed Oil · Neroli Oil · Avocado Oil · Aloe Vera are also good choices.

Once you add your favored ingredients to your pearl powder formula, mix thoroughly with a sanitized implement and put into a container. Let sit over night in a dark cool place, (do not refrigerate) before putting it into jars or bottles. That allows your product to thicken and come to it's proper consistency.


Always use fresh ingredients. There is a shelf life on all creams, serums, and additives, so you want your product to be as fresh as possible.

Now start formulating so you can start showing off your ravishing skin, or start building the empire you've always dreamed of.

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