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How To Make Your Skin Glow

How To Make Your Skin Glow

We all want radiant, luminous glowing skin. This article will help you learn how to get glowing skin.

In the present age soft, smooth, clear, attractive and glowing facial skin is rare. If you have one, you are indeed blessed. But you can not achieve the beauty of your skin without proper care. However, the fresh youthful look can be maintained with a little hard work. Normally, worries and tension coupled with the climatic effect put profound impact on the skin and many women look aged even in their prime.

How to put radiance back into your skin? As well as those healthy lifestyle habits we all know we should be following (lots of water, fruit and veg, enough sleep, exercise - you know the sort of thing), the key to glowing skin, according to Boots scientific skincare advisor, Steve Barton, is exfoliation and hydration. Regular Exfoliation ensures optimum light reflection as it removes skin-dulling dead cells, plus it makes your skin more receptive to your moisturizer.

How to Make Your Skin Glow in Minutes

The fastest and most effective way to make your face glow in minuets is by using Superpower Pearl Powder. Simply put 1/2 tsp pearl powder in small bowl and enough water to make a paste. Apply all over your face and neck, leave on for 15-20 minuets. Wash off with warm water, not hot, and let air dry. You will see an instant pearlescent glow to your skin and it will be babies-bottom soft.

Face Massage

A face massage is very essential after a woman crosses the age of 40. It is an effective way to counter wrinkles. Massage is a slow process and its results are obvious only if it is continued for a period of time. It is, indeed, not a magic potion which can bring a change overnight. One has to be patient with it. However, there is no doubt that massage reduces the unattractive fleshiness, tightens the tissues and muscles and increases blood circulation.

Massage is effective only if the skin is clear. After having cleaned the skin, apply a Hydrating Cream and massage the skin gently. With the passage of time, all the visible defects like wrinkles, flabbiness and dead cells vanish and a fresh and young look is restored. Massage should start from the neck upwards and end at the forehead or temples because all veins and tissues get an increased blood circulation by this process. The skin around the eyes is delicate. So it is advisable to apply cream on this part without pressing it.

Cream takes 15 to 20 minutes to get absorbed, so keep on massaging until the cream is absorbed. Wipe off extra cream with a cotton wool swab soaked in water (preferably rose water). Do not forget to remove all traces of makeup otherwise the pores of the skin will be blocked by particles of dirt. All blackheads should be removed. If the skin is oily, remove oiliness by applying cleansing milk. Fresh lemon juice is also very effective in removing excess oiliness.

If the skin is dry, use a good Moisturizer before massaging. If the skin is oily, it is advisable to use astringent lotion. The best time to massage the face is before going to bed.

Art of Massaging

Slow Massage:

This is the most common form of a massage. The secret is to massage slowly and patting/vibrating the skin. The skin is pressed lightly with the soft fleshy tips of the fingers. The process starts with slow speed from the neck. The speed increases as the fingers move upwards. Stroking gives rest to the nerves and the vibration is useful in subduing pain caused by massaging.

Fast Massage:

The front half of both the palms are used to massage at speed making a circular motion upwards.

Pressure Massage:

In this method, pressure is applied with the fleshy tips of fingers. This is effective for removing the pouches beneath the eyes.

Stroking Massage:

Chubby cheeks are stroked with the tips of fingers. If the nose is broad, strokes are applied from the nose to the temples on both sides.

Pinching Massage:

The skin is held as in pincers by thumb and fingers. Such a massage is effective for a double chin and wrinkles on the jaw.

This exercise develops the facial muscles and makes them firm. It should be done over the whole surface of the cheeks with the fingers.

Look After Your Skin Yourself

The first step for skin care is to clean it properly. Perspiration, grease, dust, stale make-up, dirt and bacteria all collect on your skin and must be removed completely. Clean the skin with a cleansing cream, milk or lotion or just plain cold cream. Remove cleanser with tissue, damp cotton wool or a small damp Turkish towel. Always follow your cleansing routine by toning your skin with a mild skin freshener, a stronger astringent lotion or with a medium strength skin tonic. Toning removes any greasiness which may remain after the cleansing preparations. If you intend to use make up, it provides a smooth and clean texture.

Nourishing is an essential part of any beauty routine except for the very young skin. Dirt, dust, hot and cold weather, cosmetics and even sunlight all tend to dry out the skin robbing it of moisture and oil. Skin foods attempt to put back some of this nourishment. It is not necessary to use a thick, heavy skin food every night. If you do not like a greasy face when going to bed then it is easy to choose a light, easily absorbed skin food which will disappear in minutes. Many of the newer liquid skin foods fall into this category. If you feel you need a richer, heavier cream, use it when you are in the bath.

A Facial is the quickest way of reviving faded skin, livening and refining the complexion. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing with vitality. The most luxurious way of have a facial is to use Authentic, high quality Pearl Powder.

This facial does a thorough job of relaxing jangled nerves so that you feel fresher, look younger and be at ease. Choose a time when you can be undisturbed and quiet. Get everything ready before you start so that you can relax and enjoy it. A regular facial once or twice a week is a good habit. It will ensure a youthful and fresh skin for a long time. For a quick home-facial, the following routine should be followed:

1. Tie your hair away from the face and neck or wear a bandeau.

2. Cleanse your face and neck and wipe off first with a facial tissue and then with a wet wash cloth.

3. Apply cream in dots all over the face and propel it thoroughly then massage your face and neck in an upward direction.

4. Prepare your face masque and apply on face.

5. When it is dry, wash your face and neck with warm, not hot water, keeping your eyes closed. Dry your skin and apply skin a moisturizing cream.

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