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How To Soften Dry, Cracked Skin On your Feet

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Sarah Anderson February 27, 2023

How To Soften Dry, Cracked Skin On your Feet

Nothing can be more aggravating than having dry cracked feet. If left untreated it not only becomes a nuisance and aggravating, but it becomes painful too, especially if you're on your feet all day.

Pampering yourself with some foot love is the highest form of self love there is.

Our feet actually have fewer oil glands than elsewhere on the body. Combine that with a lack of proper care, and the daily injustices that feet are subjected to, dry cracked skin is almost inevitable.

If you're experiencing rough, dry, tight or cracked skin on the bottom of your feet, don't worry. Soft, smooth feet are within reach. This milk, coconut, and pearl powder foot soak will leave you in for a sweet treat.

You Can have smooth, soft feet easily and affordably once again.

Spoil your feet with this luxurious and softening milk, coconut oil, and pearl powder foot soak, and you'll see why everyone is raving over milk and pearl powder baths these days.

A foot soak is more than just relaxing with your feet in warm water. It's what you add to the water that makes a foot soak beneficial.

Both milk and pearl powder have been used in skincare since ancient times. Cleopatra, was known for her radiant and glowing skin, she bathed in milk daily, and always used pearl powder in her beauty regime.

Soaking your feet in whole milk, coconut oil, and pearl powder is a miraculous skin care secret that will leave them soft, supple and seriously hydrated. That's why a milk and pearl powder foot soak is a luxurious treat you'll be glad you spoiled yourself with.

Benefits Of Milk, Coconut Oil & Pearl Powder

Milk has a host of skin nourishing properties, such as softening and cleansing. Milk also gently exfoliates the skin, while promoting skin regeneration. Milk has biotin and other moisturizing elements that help in nourishing your dry, cracked, withered, and flaky skin.

Vitamin A in milk helps to treat dryness and flakiness, while it's rich antioxidant content nourishes the skin from deep within and keeps your skin healthy and moisturized.

Coconut oil helps by retaining moisture in the skin. Coconut oil is excellent for dry cracked feet. It contains a high concentration of vitamin E and natural proteins that help repair damaged skin.

Coconut Oil works wonders on softening your skin and locking in hydration thanks to its occlusive moisturizing properties. It helps create a protective moisture-retaining barrier and acts as a natural salve.

Pearl Powder is the sweetest treat you can give to your feet. It has restorative properties that is a wonderful antidote for rough skin on your feet, as it nourishes and softens thick, cracked skin, relieves dry itchy skin, and draws toxins out of your feet.

Pearl Powder heals, soothes, exfoliates, and calms dry cracked feet. Pearl Powder contains dozens of minerals, 20 amino acids, a natural moisturizer that protects your skin and promotes cell renewal, and healthy-looking and feeling skin.

Invigorate your feet with exotic jewels from the deep sea. For soft skin that retains moisture for a lengthy time, pearl powder always comes to the rescue. It is an ancient beauty and health secret used for thousands of years.

Set Your Enviornment

The magic of this foot soak happens while you relax: the lactic acid in the milk begins breaking down tough, dry feet skin while the creamy properties in the dairy product. Adding pearl powder to your warm bath helps you relax and provides a host of nutrients and moisture.

Pick a comfortable place. Light a few aromatic/aromatherapy candles to enhance your sensory experience. You may also play relaxing music.

Foot Soak

If you're looking for a DIY foot soak to soften and soothe, dry cracked skin, this easy recipe is your best friend.

Foot Soak Ingredients

1 cup whole Milk
1 tsp Fractionated coconut oil
1Tbsp Pearl Powder


1. To begin your foot soak, gently heat enough water until it's warm, not scalding, on a stove top or microwave to cover your feet.

2. Stir in the milk, coconut oil, and pearl powder until the ingredients are fully dissolved and mixed.

3. Pour the mixture into your foot basin, and place your feet in the warm mixture.

Let your feet soak in the mixture for about 20-30 minutes. You can also add your favorite essential oils to enjoy the fragrance while you relax. A couple of drops will do it.

Dry thoroughly after soaking and then moisturize your feet with a high quality moisturizing cream to lock in the moisture. Massage the cream into your feet and calves as well. The cream will slowly absorb into your skin, moisturizing your toes, feet, and calves thoroughly.

Also, moisturize your feet at night before going to bed and when you wake up. If you can, at night put socks on your feet to keep the cream from coming off. Or put Vaseline on your dry and cracked places at night and cover with a gauze pad and medical tape to keep the pad in place.

How To Care For Your Feet

Wash your feet often, taking care to clean between your toes and trim your toenails. You should also use cream on your feet and heels to prevent cracked skin. Creams are thicker and richer than lotions, they work best for dry, flaky skin. You may consider using a pumice stone lightly.

Regular foot soaks will help you get rid of cracked heels and hardened skin on your feet as they soften the skin and keep it moisturized.

Your feet have to last you a lifetime, don't neglect them.

Who Should Avoid Foot Soaks?

Not everyone benefits from soaking their feet For example, doctors warn that diabetes patients and people who have acute venous thrombosis should avoid foot soaks altogether. Meanwhile, people who have acute cystitis, hypertension and circulatory disorders should avoid cold foot soaks.

Finally, anyone with varicose veins and arterial circulatory disorders should stay away from warm and hot foot baths. If you are unsure if you should try a homemade foot soak, speak with your doctor first to lessen the chance of medical complications.


We are careful to take care of most any part of our body, but we neglect our feet. Feet are the body's support system; they ground you and move you through your day. It is easy to take them for granted and forget about them until they hurt or cause trouble.

Your feet are not meant to feel dry and rough.The longer this issue persists, the more likely it is that your feet will begin to crack and bleed.

Paying attention and caring for your feet will help them heal from the stress caused by the overbearing loads of work they do.

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