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Pearl Powder Liver Cleansing Juice

Pearl Powder Liver Cleansing Juice

Liver cleanses are necessary because the liver helps detoxify the blood to get rid of harmful substances.

Your liver is the body's primary filtration system, converting toxins into waste products, cleansing your blood, and metabolizing nutrients to provide the body with some of its most important proteins. The liver is a fundamental part of the body's overall regulation, therefore it's paramount to keep your liver healthy.

Pearl Powder Liver Cleansing Juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and is very tasty. This liver cleansing drink is very good for detoxifying your liver as well as for cleansing the bowel, regenerating the cells, and improving your blood.

Pearl Powder in Zhen Zhu Chinese medicine, is said to be a liver and heart tonic. It sedates the heart and settles tremors and palpitations, as a result, clears the liver. Pearl improves the health of the liver due to its rich source of bio-available calcium and other medicinal properties.

Carrots are super high in flavonoids and beta-carotene, which supports and restores liver function overall. It also contains Vitamin A, which prevents liver disease.

Spinach has a powerful antioxidant called glutathione, which helps keep your liver working properly.

Beets increase oxygen by cleansing the blood, and breaks down toxic wastes so they can be excreted quicker. They increase bile flow and boost enzyme activity. Beets also contain Vitamin C and fiber, both are natural cleansers for the digestive system.

Apples contain high levels of pectin, that helps cleanse the body and release toxins from the digestive tract. This helps the liver better manage the toxin load, which enables a better cleansing of the entire body.

Lemons boost the liver's cleansing ability. Even consumed in small amounts, lemons help the liver to produce the detoxifying enzymes that flush out toxins.

When you drink this liver juice, you can keep your liver functioning at its very best.

Use it as a part of your liver cleanse, liver flush, and liver detox plan, or in the morning for an effective, safe, tasty way to support your liver, gallbladder and overall health.

If you would like to drink this juice on an regular basis, we recommend rotating your veggies and fruits, so your body gets a high variety of nutrients.

Pearl Powder Liver Cleansing Juice:


1/4 tsp Pearl Powder
4 medium carrots, scrubbed
2 handfuls baby spinach
1 medium red beet
1 cucumber
1 green apple, cored
1 lemon, rind removed
1 (1-inch) piece fresh ginger root, plus more to taste
Pinch of sea salt


Put all of the ingredients in a juicer and consume it fresh. You may also strain it if you like.

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