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Why Organic And Natural Products Are Important

Written By Empress Of Pearl Powder
Sarah Anderson February 15, 2023

Why Organic And Natural Products Are Important

We are hearing more and more about natural and organic health and beauty products lately - you know, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green.

And that's really good news. But...

Why Use Natural And Organic Products?

First of all, It's a wonderful way of taking care of yourself, and looking great without harming your health, skin, or the environment. This isn't anything new. It dates back to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); an alternative holistic medical system to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease with herbal remedies.

Both TCM and Ayurveda medicine use natural, herbal remedies to regulate the body, strengthen organ function and support good health. Both traditions use massage as a method of healing and prevention.

Both practices objective is to promote health and enhance the quality of life, with therapeutic strategies for treatment of specific diseases or symptoms in holistic fashion.

TCM is different from modern treatments because the medical practitioners not only treat the condition, but also the symptoms and causes.

Pearl Powder is used in both TMC and Ayurveda medicine, a valuable ancient organic jewel produced from both mollusk shells and shellfish mollusks. It is a naturally occurring organic-inorganic composite. The oyster shells contain important organic matters, such as amino acids, proteins and peptides. The nacre is also organic, the inner iridescent layer of molluscan shells.

While pearl is not an herb, it is nevertheless a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine. However, Pearl powder is revered by the hard-core health set as one of the top tonic herbs for beauty.

Today Pearl Powder is the fastest growing component in skin, and hair care. Why? Because people are more aware of the value of natural ingredients for our hair, scalp, hair strength, health, skin, and glow. Consumers have become ingredient savvy and are very conscious of the products they are using in their body and on their on their skin.

Products with sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol, that were once widely used in skin care, ... have become taboo in today's modern formulations.

Why Does Organic and Natural Matter To You?

It's better for you. Better for our environment. And, It works.

Organic and Natural supplements and cosmetics refer to totally natural health and skincare made with true-to-nature or naturally derived ingredients.

More Gentle For Your Skin

Beauty products made by chemical synthesis give quick results but are harsh on your skin over time. Constant use of these products will evaporate the moisture in your skin, leaving dry, rough, flaky and scaly.

In addition, the toxicity in these products absorb deeply and slowly into the skin cells it can leave its victim with headaches, eye damage, acne, hormonal imbalance and premature aging, even cancer and type II diabetes. Organic and natural products are gentle on the skin, are less likely to cause allertic reactions, and are beneficial for even the most sensitive skin.

No Harmful Chemicals

You don't have to worry about harsh or dangerous chemicals with natural ingredients. Additionally, you don't have to worry about new science coming out on how certain ingredients you have been using all along were causing unforeseen health complications.

Nutrient Rich

Organic products are more nutrient-rich, supplying your skin with what it needs for that healthy glow. For example, ingredients like pearl powder, cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe contain the essential fatty acids your skin needs to be plump and beautiful.

Safer For Your Health

Conventional health and beauty products use a myriad of preservatives to increase the shelf life and the appearance of the product; among the most dangerous one - Paraben. Parabens are man-made chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, foods, and beverages.

Paraben is linked to UV-induced damage of skin cells, allergies, skin irritations, fertility, weakened immune system, cancer and other severe health effects.

Therefore, it is better to make your health a priority, rather than investing in fancy cosmetics and beauty products, and conventional supplements. Organic and natural cosmetics and supplements are a great way to support a healthy lifestyle.

Better For The Environment

Lastly and most important, using natural, organic, Eco-friendly sustainable products, you are helping nature from pollution and destruction, and humans from many new diseases that are creeping into our society today, and you will have a healthier life.

The production of conventional cosmetics is causing tremendous plastic waste and other toxic pollutants which are discarded into the environment. The micro-beads from shower scrubs and exfoliate products are washed into our waterways every day which do not dissolve, causing a threat to marine life as well as our own.

Natural, organic, sustainable, green products are made from Eco-friendly ingredients that are biodegradable thus, they are safe when they come into contact with nature.

So, is the Future Going Organic - Natural - Green?

Consumers are realizing the harmful effects of conventional products on their skin, health, and the earth in which a dramatic shift is taking place in the choice of products they are buying now.

Since the ingredients are all natural substances such as organic almond oil, organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, etc., there's no harm done to the skin as these natural ingredients contain antioxidants which are anti-aging and some are even anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and so on like pearl powder which comes from nature and manufactured completely free of toxins and chemicals.

If we want our planet to stay healthy, especially for our grandchildren years from now, we must be conscious about what we're doing to it.

Therefore, the demand for organic-natural products are sky-rocketing.

Using organic, natural, sustainable products is indeed a noble trend.


Now that you know why you should buy organic and natural products, what's stopping you? Start buying products that you and your skin can feel good about. You deserve to love what you put on your body, which is why Empress Of Pearl's products are organic and designed to make you look and feel beautiful.

Whether you use pearl powder or not, I hope that you'll become a organic, natural, and green health and beauty advocate: it's better for you, better for the earth, and it works.

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