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Yummy Carrot Juice For Hair Growth

Yummy Carrot Juice For Hair Growth

What you put in your body can have a huge effect on the health of your hair. A lack of essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, D and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein and essential fatty acids can slow down hair growth or even cause hair loss.

Fortunately, adding these nutrients to your diet can treat hair loss and promote the rate of hair growth.

Pearl Powder contains 30 trace elements, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A to protect hair follicles, all the essential vitamins C, D and E, omega's for shine, protein to strengthen hair and give it a healthy glow, niacin to support healthy hair follicles, folic acid and potassium to promote new hair growth, antioxidants to prevent hair damage and loss, and to support collagen levels.

Pearl Powder is also rich in amino acids and enzymes. It promotes healthy cell growth, enabling your hair to look smoother and more vibrant. Pearl Powder stimulates hair follicles, boosts and accelerate volume, fullness, and strength. Pearl Powder will make your hair grow thicker and give you luscious locks fast.

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and will make your hair stronger, longer, and thicker. Carrots improve blood circulation, stimulate growth and boosts hair health. This vegetable also prevents hair fall as well as breakage.

Cucumber contains lots of vitamins A and C, silica, potassium, alkaline material, manganese, magnesium and many other minerals that promotes hair growth. Cucumber repairs and strengthens damaged and tresses, and prevents hair thinning.

Apples contain vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C, A, B2, E, calcium, soluble fiber, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Apples are also known to stimulate hair growth, reduce dandruff, and prevent hair loss. Apples promote hair growth by increasing hair density, weight, and keratin content within a relatively short period of time.

Celery contains multiple vitamins and is great source of the mineral silica, which strengthens hair for toughness and anti-breakage. Silica helps strengthen blood vessels, encouraging blood flow to the scalp to allow for robust hair growth. Celery in juice is known to stimulate hair growth, improve its texture, and nourishes the roots and strands.

With all of these wonderful health benefits, your hair will thank you and you'll dance to a new tune. If you want to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall, this drink will help you do just that.

Yummy Carrot Juice For Hair Growth


1/4 tsp Pearl Powder
3 carrots
2 apples, cored
2 celery sticks
1 cucumber


Clean vegetables and peel skins on carrots and apples. Cut off end of celery sticks. Put all ingredients in juicer and and Juice. Pour into glass and add a celery stir stick.

Serve and enjoy!

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