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Create A Spa Oasis In The Comforts Of Home

How To Create A Spa Oasis In
The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Let go of stress by creating your own spa oasis in the comforts of your own Home.

A spa is an incredibly relaxing environment that provides much needed relaxation and rejuvenation after a tedious week or month. The one negative of a spa is the cost. Everyone needs a tranquil, heavenly space to unwind and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The good news is that with a little creativity and a few essentials, it’s easy to recreate a spa feel at home.

Set the mood with candles, soothing music, dim lighting, a cozy robe, a glass of cucumber water or wine. These little essentials are what make even the most mundane beauty rituals feel special and spa-like. Try these top tips to transform your bathroom into a Luxurious Spa Sanctuary.

Remove Clutter:

Want to relax? Clear out the clutter. Tidy room, tidy mind! De-cluttering should be the top of everyone's lists when it comes to giving your bathroom that spa-like feel. Invest in some luxury storage cabinets to hold all your bits and bobs is a great way to add a little character to your bathroom while also creating more space. Neatly display folded hand towels, soaps and lotions for easy access is an effective way of creating a spa-inspired bathroom.

Add Candles:

There is nothing as relaxing and tranquil as a gentle flickering candle. Fill your bathroom with candles of various sizes. Use aromatherapy candles with these relaxing fragrances: lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, orange blossom, spiced apples and vanilla. If

Invest In A Cozy Robe:

The softer your robe is the more relaxing and luxurious your spa will be. Keep this in your bathroom so you can easily change from street clothes into the loose-fitting robe.

Dim The Lights:

Install a dimming switch if you can, turning those harsh lights into sexy mood lighting. If you're in a rental and can't install dimmers, add in a selection of alternate lighting: Small lamps, sconces, and candles galore.

Create Spa Ambiance:

Fragrances can brighten or relax your mood you when you are stressed. Lavender and spiced apples activate the alpha wave activity in the back of the brain which leads to relaxation. Jasmine and lemon are used to increase beta wave activity in the front of the brain to cause alertness. Or, burn some incense. Fill the room with aroma a little while before you step into your home spa so all of your senses are impacted, from the scents. If candles or incense aren't your thing, consider potpourri or scented diffusers.


A Massage will help your mind and body unwind and let the tensions of the day slip away. You may not be able to have a personal masseuse on hand, but you can have the next best thing with a Neck and Back Massager. A Back Massager with Heat is deeply relaxing and eases tense muscles.

Put On Some Spa Music:

Music is another thing spas do very well. A good soundtrack can help relax your mind and body. Try classical music or browse spa music playlists on YouTube or iTunes and then set to low for background music while you unwind.

Think fluffy:

Update your towels and bath rug. A soft, fluffy, neutral-colored towel and bath rug goes a long way if you're trying to turn your basic bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Turn up the heat:

Heat is a great relaxer so invest in a bath towel warmer and turn up the dial a couple of notches until it feels warm and cozy.

Add Seating:

If have room, add a small stool or ottoman to make your bathroom look elegant and upscale. You don't want to prop your legs on the tub or sit on a toilet while moisturizing.

Add Some Plants:

The bathroom with its high humidity is the perfect environment for houseplants. Select plants that need low to moderate light such as: ZZ Plant, Snake Plant, Staghorn Fern, Ivy, Pothos, Ferns. Dieffenbachia.

Now that you have everything set up for a relaxing spa day, it's time to get started. I hope you have a fully relaxed day and enjoy your at-home spa oasis using these tips and ideas.

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